Ethical Management Message

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    CEO of YLEM Technology.

    Ethics management is often done by companies donating money to society or thinking about the volunteer activities of their employees, but in fact, they think ethics management is very small.

    Ethical management refers to the management method of mutual growth that grows and develops by fulfilling ethical and social responsibilities not only for customers, shareholders and employees, but also for various stakeholders such as suppliers, local communities and the global environment.

  • We have seen globally-renowned companies disappear without a trace of ethical issues such as accounting fraud, inadequate lobbying, and customer disregard. No matter how many corporations make a lot of achievements, it is a reality that today's existence disappears because of a moment of corruption and corruption.

    Through this ethical management, companies are increasing their competitiveness and receiving sustainability from society with respect and trust. Ethics management is not huge. It is to stick to the basic. It's about keeping things clean and honest, from the smallest in our relationships with our customers and colleagues. It is the responsibility of the company to endure the desire to utilize its superior position, not to use small expenses for personal use, to not receive small gifts from job-related persons, and to establish a culture of sharing through social contribution activities. I will.

We, YLEM Technorogy strives to be a company that trusts customers and thinks of customers first. We invite all employees to take responsibility for all stakeholders including customers and local communities.

CEO Bae, Sang Hyun

Ethics Charter

YLEM Technology aims to create a global corporate culture that pursues common prosperity with all stakeholders, not just customers, shareholders, and employees, but also partners and local communities. We declare and practice.