Management that respects human and environment

YLEM technology tries best to substantialize topmost corporation of environment and safety by continuously improving welfare of environment and safety. Business Goals of YLEM Technology
-Substantialize topmost corporation of environment and safety
-Constructing zero-disaster establishment
-Eco-friendly business management

Environment, Safety Policy

YLEM Technology
Environmental Safety Policy

We are striving to create a pleasant and affluent life
by implementing efficient safety systems and environmentally friendly management.

As a company that aims to produce the world's best Pollutene-1 products,
we have established the following policy in order to
pursue environment, health and safety management and set the target as its goal.

  • Environmental improvement

    We recognize the environmental impacts of our activities and products and health and safety risk factors, and continue to promote activities to prevent environmental pollution and health and safety accidents and improve their performance.

  • Compliance with international laws

    We comply with domestic and overseas environmental and health safety and laws and regulations, international agreements, regulations and regulations of local governments concerned.

  • Natural disaster prevention

    Air and water pollution, disposal of waste, prevention of fire accident, prevention of fire explosion and accident accident, and continuously improve it as the basis of setting environmental and health safety goals.

  • Health policy

    All employees shall understand the environment and health and safety policy, conduct appropriate training to implement them, and evaluate their performance through internal audits.

  • Safety First

    We will disclose this policy to stakeholders and encourage and encourage our partner companies to pursue eco-friendly business management and health and safety management.

Management System

YLEM Technology
Management System


  • 01. Environmental Management System Certification ISO14001

    We have obtained the ISO 14001 environmental system, and we are doing our best to continuously improve and prevent salt by planning -> execution -> inspection -> review to collect environmental policy and achieve it.

    02. Voluntary Environmental Improvement Program

    Through the use of the proposal system, we are striving to save office supplies, turn off unnecessary lights, and reduce power on our own.

    03. Atmospheric, 4 kinds, 5 kinds of water quality business (self-measurement management)


In order to emphasize that it is the basic right of workers and the duty of employers to work safely and healthily, we are carrying out an accident free movement.
We are operating a safety management system with various activities to achieve this.

  • 01. Process Safety Management

    Through systematic management of factory safety management system, it is operated to prevent serious industrial accidents such as fire, explosion, leakage of hazardous materials.

    02. Safety and Health Assistance System Certification OHSAS 18001

    We have obtained OHSAS 18001, a safety and health management system. We are doing our best to continuously improve and prevent safety accidents through planning -> implementation -> inspection -> review in order to establish safety health policy and achieve it.

    03. Safety slogan

    Raising awareness of safety for all employees and raising awareness of safety Safety contest competition / Implementing a case of miscarriage accidents and giving awards and prizes for excellent contents to identify potential risk factors to ensure safety in the prevention of accidents We are doing.

    04. Pre-work safety check

    All preparations to be carried out in the field When issuing a safety work permit, issuance of permit departments and additional safety inspections by workers (vendors) are carried out onsite management to prevent all possible safety accidents.


Consider safety, health and environmental improvement activities as the top priority for plant operation and maintain safe workplace by continuously improving potential risks and working environment.

  • 01. Work environment measurement conducted twice / year

    02. General health checkup of all employees

    03. Employees and actors conduct comprehensive health checkups

    04. Special health check-up twice / year