Greetings from CEO

  • "Welcome to the homepage of YLEM Technology."

    Our company is one of the top 3 global manufacturers of Polybutene-1 using eco-friendly structural heat materials since April 2009. We are a strong company that practices customer-first principle as our corporate philosophy through the best quality. Polybutene-1 that we produce, unlike plastics of other companies, is an eco-friendly material proven innoxious. It is currently being used as the raw material for making food keeper, film, and etc.

  • Our executives and staff members take the head in the market with precision management and adventurous challenges. We will maximize the profits of the customers and shareholders by continuously developing new technologies and innovating managements. Moreover, by prioritizing humans and environment, we will proceed and try our best to repay for your love and trust.

    Thank you.

  • Global PB-1 Company

CEO Bae, Sang Hyun